Quantcast Precast Concrete Floors, Roof Slabs, Walls and Partitions

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Figure  7-15.-Types  of  ties. impracticability  of  transportation  makes  jobsite casting  more  desirable.  On  the  other  hand, concrete that is cast in the position that it is to occupy in the finished structure is called cast-in- place  concrete. Precast Concrete Floors, Roof Slabs, Walls,  and  Partitions The  most  commonly  used  precast  slabs  or panels  for  FLOOR  and  ROOF  DECKS  are  the channel  and  double-T  types  (fig.  7-16,  views  A and B). The  channel  slabs  vary  in  size  with  a  depth ranging  from  9  to  12  in.,  width  2  to  5  ft,  and  a thickness  of  1  to  2  in.  They  have  been  used  in spans up to 50 ft. If desired or needed, the legs of the channels may be extended across the ends Figure 7-16.-Typical precast panels. and,  if  used  in  combination  with  the  top  slabs. may be stiffened with occasional cross ribs. Wire mesh may be used in the top slabs for reinforce- ment. The longitudinal grooves located along the top  of  the  channel  legs  may  be  grouted  to  form keys  between  adjacent  slabs. The  double-T  slabs  vary  in  size  from  4  to 6 ft in width and 9 to 16 ft in depth. They have been used in spans as long as 50 ft. When the top- slab size ranges from 1 1/2 to 2 in. in thickness, it  should  be  reinforced  with  wire  mesh. The tongue-and-groove panel (fig. 7-16, view C) could vary extensively in size, according to the design requirement. They are placed in position much like tongue-and-groove lumber; that is, the tongue  of  one  panel  is  placed  inside  the  groove of  an  adjacent  panel.  They  are  often  used  as decking  panels  in  large  pier  construction. Matching  plates  are  ordinarily  welded  and used  to  connect  the  supporting  members  to  the floor  and  roof  slabs. Panels  precast  in  a  horizontal  position,  in  a casting yard, or on the floor of the building, are ordinarily  used  in  the  makeup  of  bearing  and nonbearing   WALLS   and   PARTITIONS.   These 7-11

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