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Assignment to an NMCB Operations Department Normally,  EAs  reporting  to  a  SEABEE unit   for   duty   will   be   assigned   to   the   opera- tions   department   (S-3).   The   organization   of a  SEABEE  operations  department—be  it  in  a staff,  in  a  battalion,  or  in  any  detached  unit— is   similar   in   basic   composition,   with   minor variations  to  suit  the  type  of  unit,  its  mis- sion,  and  the  prevailing  conditions.  In  sup- port   of   the   construction   organization,   the specific   functions   of   the   operations   depart- ment   include   planning   and   estimating,   engi- neering,   monitoring/reporting,   quality   control, disaster   preparedness,   minicomputer   opera- tions,  and  resources  control.  Figure  16-1  shows a  standard  organizational  chart  of  a  Naval Mobile   Construction   Battalion   operations department.  Using  this  chart  as  a  guide,  the operations   officer   may   expand   or   modify   the organization to suit the mission of the battalion and  the  availability  of  personnel  to  fill  the billets. In the following sections you will learn where you fit into the organization and how your duties and responsibilities relate to the functions of the operations department. The information is taken mainly  from  the   Naval   Construction   Force Manual,  NAVFAC  P-315,  and  some  actual observations currently prevailing in the NMCBs. ENGINEERING DIVISION.—  Most  EAs  are assigned   to   the   engineering   division   of   the operations  department.  Therefore,  it  is  important that  you  become  familiar  with  the  overall organization  breakdown  of  the  division  and  the duties  and  responsibilities  of  personnel  within  the division. As you study the following sections, try to  visualize  how  your  contributions  to  the  division will assist in accomplishing the overall mission of the  division  and  the  mission  of  the  operations department. In other words, see where you fit into the  “big  picture.” The  engineering  division  is  under  the  direction of   the   engineering   officer   (fig.   16-1),   who is  normally  a  Civil  Engineer  Corps  (CEC) officer. The engineering officer and his staff are Figure  16-1.-Standard  operations  department  organization. 16-2

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