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obtain  copies  of  these  standards  by  writing  to  the following:  Naval  Publications  and  Forms  Center, 5801 Tabor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19120. All requests  should  state  the  title  and  identifying number  and  should  be  submitted  on  DD  Form 1425. To ensure that you have the latest edition of  a  standard,  check  the  Department  of  Defense Index   of   Specifications   and   Standards,   which is  issued  31  July  of  each  year.  Also  check  the supplements to the Index. Current   editions   of   the   following   military standards  should  be  available  to  the  EA: MIL-HDBK-1006/1 Policy  and  Procedures  for Project   Drawings   and Specifications    Preparation MIL-STD-12D Abbreviations  for  Use  on Drawings  and  in  Technical Type  Publications MIL-STD-14A Architectural    Symbols MIL-STD-17B MIL-STD-18 DOD-STD-100C Mechanical   Symbols Structural  Symbols Engineering  Drawing  Prac- tices In  addition,  the  following  civilian  industry standards  should  be  on  hand  in  the  drafting  room: ANSI Y14.1 Drawing   Sheet   Size   and Format ANSI  Y14.2 Line   Conventions   and Lettering ANSI  Y14.3 ANSI  Y14.5-82 AWS  A3.0-85 Multi  and  Sectional  View Drawings Dimensioning  and  Toler- ancing  for  Engineering Drawings Welding Terms and Defi- nitions Standards ASTM  E380 Standard   for   Metric   Use DRAFTING EQUIPMENT To  be  a  proficient  draftsman,  you  must  be familiar  with  the  tools  of  your  trade  and  the proper  techniques  of  using  them.  Great  care  must be  given  to  the  proper  choice  of  drafting  equip- ment and accessories. To have a few good pieces of equipment is much better than to have a large stock  of  undependable  and  shoddy  equipment. NAVAL  MOBILE  CONSTRUCTION BATTALION’S   STANDARD DRAFTSMAN  KIT As  a  means  of  ensuring  that  every  Naval Mobile   Construction   Battalion’s   (NMCB’s) drafting   section   is   properly   outfitted   with adequate  drafting  equipment  and  accessories, standard  draftsman  kits  are  provided  in  each NMCB’s allowance. The drafting equipment and supplies  contained  in  the  draftsman  kit  #0011  are listed in the NMCB’s TABLE OF ALLOWANCE (Assembly  80011).  For  this  reason,  no  attempt  will be made here to list all equipment and supplies currently carried in the standard draftsman kit. One complete NMCB’s draftsman kit is designed to  be  used  by  three  draftsmen.  Normally,  two complete   draftsman   kits   will   be   carried   in   a battalion  allowance,  available  for  checkout  to  the drafting section supervisor or engineering chief. It is the responsibility of each crew leader to make sure that the kits assigned to him are complete. The kits are continuously reviewed and updated according  to  current  battalion  requirements. Most  of  the  consumable  items  contained  in  the kit,  such  as  pencils,  pencil  leads,  lead  holders, masking tape, and ink, are stocked in the battalion supply department for kit replenishment. Addi- tional drafting equipment and supplies, such as pointers  and  dust  brushes,  are  also  stocked  in most battalion drafting rooms to supplement the drafting kits. To avoid losing any equipment and supplies not   included   in   the   draftsman   kit,   personnel should not pack them with the kit when the kit is turned in to the supply department at the end of  a  deployment  or  homeport  period. The following sections will acquaint you with general  drafting  equipment  and  supplies,  with emphasis  being  placed  on  items  used  by  SEABEE draftsmen. DRAFTING  MEDIA Materials used to draw on are referred to as DRAFTING  MEDIA.  Generally  there  are  three 2 - 3

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