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THE  ENGINEERING  ORGANIZATION The  engineer  officer  must  organize  the  engineering department. An engineer officer who is assigned to a ship before it is commissioned will have to organize his department for the first time. Even on older ships with efficient  and  well-run  departments,  a  newly  assigned engineer  officer  may  find  that  some  reorganization  is necessary. All   hands   must   understand   the   functional relationships  within  the  department.  Organizational charts and functional guides are the best means to make the  details  of  an  organization  known.  We  will  explain each  in  the  following  paragraphs. Organizational  charts  show  the  arrangement  of  the various  departments  and  divisions  and  the  command staff relationships of personnel in the organization. An engineering department organization chart (fig. 1-3) shows the relationship among the engineer officer, his assistants,  division  officers,  material  officer,  and leading  petty  officer  billets.  Keep  this  chart  in  the engineering  department  office  (logroom). There   are   two   commonly   used   types   of organization  charts:  structural  and  functional.  A structural organization chart (fig. 1-3) outlines the basic relationships  between  the  various  components  of  the organization. A functional organization chart presents the  functions  of  the  various  segments  of  the organization   and   the   interrelationships   of   those functions. An organization chart provides all personnel in an organization with a concise picture of the relationship of  individuals  within  the  organization.  In  a  large organization, charts should be prepared for each level, becoming  more  detailed  as  they  illustrate  smaller segments of the organization. In smaller commands, charts of only the department organization may serve. Functional guides are primarily job descriptions that show a clear path of delegated authority. These guides  set  forth  instructions  for  the  basic  objective  of each billet; the duties, responsibility, and authority applicable   to   the   billet;   and   the   organizational relationships  defining  the  accountability  between  the incumbent and his supervisor (fig. 1-4). Ship  organization  and  regulations  manuals  provide organization charts and functional guides to ship’s personnel  in  an  easily  referenced  form.  OPNAVINST 3120.32B includes the following requirements as a minimum: l l l Descriptions, both written and graphic, of the ship’s  administrative  organization  from  the commanding  officer’s  level  downward  and  of  the watch  organization  through  all  levels Organizational  bill  of  the  ship Ship’s regulations Figure 1-3.—Typical engineering department. 1-4

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