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pipe on the plan. Other line symbols identify the have smaller inside diameters because their wall proposed  use  of  the  pipes.  The  size  of  the  required thickness is greater. Piping over 12 in. in diameter piping should also be noted alongside each route is  referred  to  by  its  outside  diameter  (O.D.). of  the  plan.  Piping  up  to  12  in.  in  diameter  is referred   to   by   its   nominal   size,   which   is Fitting Symbols approximately  equal  to  the  inside  diameter  (I.D.). The   exact   inside   diameter   depends   on   the The pipe-fitting symbols shown in figure 8-29 classification  of  the  pipe.  Heavy  types  of  piping are  the  basic  line  symbols  used  for  pipes,  in Figure 8-29.-Pipe-fitting symbols. 8-22

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