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Figure 15-21.-Potecting a sample in a CBR mold. Figure 15-22.-Halving the sample. shown  in  figure  15-21.  If  the  samples  are  to  be transported some distance or will be handled quite a bit before testing, you should wrap them in cloth and  soak  them  in  paraffin  layers. QUARTERING  SAMPLES The process of reducing a representative soil sample to a convenient size or of dividing a sam- ple into two or more smaller samples for testing is  called  QUARTERING.  The  procedures  vary somewhat,  depending  upon  the  size  of  the  sample. Samples Weighing Over 100 Pounds To quarter a sample of this size, first mix and pile the sample on a canvas, using a shovel. Place each  new  shovelful  on  the  top-center  of  the preceding one so that the soil will be distributed evenly in all directions. Then flatten the sample to   a   circular   layer   of   approximately   uniform thickness.  Next,  insert  a  stick  or  length  of  pipe under the canvas and then lift it at both ends to divide the sample into two equal parts, as shown in figure 15-22. Remove the stick, leaving a fold in the canvas, and then reinsert it under the sam- ple, but this time, at right angles to the first divi- sion.   Again,   lift  the  stick.  This  divides  the sample into four parts, as shown in figure 15-23. Discard two diagonally opposite quarters, taking care  to  clean  the  fines  from  the  canvas.  Then remix  the  remaining  material,  taking  alternate shovelful from each quarter. Repeat the quarter- ing process as necessary to reduce the sample to the desired size. Samples Weighing Between 25 and 100 Pounds In quartering a sample of this size, pile the soil on the canvas and mix it by alternately lifting the Figure  15-23.-Quartering  the  sample. 15-16

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