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DRAWING FORMATS Drawing  format  is  the  systematic  space arrangement of required information within the drafting sheet.  This  information  is  used  to  identify,  process,  and file drawings methodicaly. Standard sizes and formats for  military  drawings  are  arranged  according  to DoD-STD-100C,   Engineering  Drawing  Practices,  and MIL-HDBK-1006/1,  Policy  and  Procedures  for  Project Drawing  and  Specification  Preparation.  With  the exception  of  specific  local  command  requirements, DoD-STD-100C   and   MIL-HDBK-1006/1   are   your guidelines for preparing SEABEE drawings. Most  of  the  documents  applicable  to  these standards  have  recently  been  revised  and  updated  in order to gain like information and to share uniformity of form and language within the Naval Construction Force   and   between   DoD   organizations.   Other influencing  factors  are  the  current  widespread  use  of reduced-size  copies  of  both  conventional  and computer-generated   drawings   and   exchange   of microfilm. SHEET SIZES Standard  drawing  sheet  sizes  are  used  to  facilitate readability,  reproduction,  handling,  and  uniform  filing. Blueprints  produced  from  standard  size  drawing  sheets are easily assembled in sets for project stick files and can readily be folded for mailing and neatly filed in project  letter  size  or  legal  size  folders.  (Filing  drawings and folding blueprints will be covered later in this training  manual.) Finished  format  sizes  for  drawings  shown  in figure  3-14,  view  A,  are  according  to  ANSI  Y14.1 45.857 Figure 3-14.-Guide for preparing horizontal and vertical margins, sizes, and finished drawing format. 3-11

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