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Figure 1-26.—Scabs. Figure 1-27.—Split ring and split-ring joints. washers under both the bolt head and the nut. The bolts are then tightened until the washers bite well into the wood to compensate for future shrinkage. Bolts should be spaced a minimum of 9 inches on center and should be no closer than 2 1/2 inches to the edge or 7 inches to the end of the timber. Driftbolts, also called driftpins, are used primarily to prevent timbers from moving laterally in relation to each other, rather than to resist pulling apart. They are used more in dock and trestle work than in trusses and building frames. A driftbolt is a long, threadless rod that is driven through a hole bored through the member and into the abutting member. The hole is bored slightly Figure  1-28.—Shear  plate  and  shear-plate  joints. smaller than the bolt diameter and about 3 inches shorter than the bolt length. Driftbolts are from 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter and 18 to 26 inches long. Butt   joints   are   customarily   connected   using driftbolts;  however,  another  method  of  making butt-joint connections is to use a  scab. A scab is a short length of timber that is spiked or bolted to the adjoining members, as shown in figure 1-26. TIMBER  CONNECTORS A  timber  connector  is  any  device  used  to  increase the strength and rigidity of bolted lap joints between heavy timbers. For example, the  split ring (fig. 1-27) is embedded  in  a  circular  groove.  These  grooves  are  cut with a special bit in the faces of the timbers that are to be joined. Split rings come in diameters of 2 1/2 and 4 inches. The 2 1/2-inch ring requires a 1/2-inch bolt, and the 4-inch ring uses a 3/4-inch bolt. Shear  plates  are  shown  in  figure  1-28.  These connectors  are  intended  for  wood-to-steel  connections, as shown in view B. But when used in pairs, they may 1-15

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