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done  and  submit  it  to  the  TYCOM  for  review.  The TYCOM  forwards  the  approved  requests  either  to  the naval  shipyard  or  SUPSHIP. Ship Alterations Each year the TYCOMs send NAVSEA a list of the SHIPALTs  recommended  for  completion  during  the  next fiscal year overhaul. NAVSEA reviews the lists and uses them as the basis for its own list of authorized SHIPALT that it publishes in the Fleet Modernization Program (FMP). Some SHIPALTs are planned by a Planning and Engineering  for  Repairs  and  Alterations  (PERA),  and those plans reach the shipyard by other routes that we will  not  discuss  here.  For  our  purposes,  NAVSEA  sends a 180-day letter to the TYCOM and to the shipyard’s planning department. The letter contains a priority list of SHIPALTs to be completed during the scheduled overhaul and a funds grant to cover the cost of the work. About  90  days  before  the  ship  arrives  at  the shipyard, NAVSEA sends the shipyard, the TYCOM, and the ship a 90-day material status letter. This letter contains a list of approved alterations in priority order for each ship and any changes in the work that was authorized in the 180-day letter. SUPERVISOR OF SHIPBUILDING, CONVERSION AND REPAIR Each naval district has a Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair, USN (SUPSHIP) under the NAVSEASYSCOM.  SUPSHIP  might  be  called  the commercial arm of naval ship construction, conversion, alteration, overhaul, and repair. It alone can contract with private repair organizations for work on Navy ships in private shipyards, naval shipyards, IMAs, SIMAs, or SRFs. Its major role is to procure private contracting repair  services  where  Navy  repair  services  are  not equipped to handle the job. Civilian contractors may provide  these  services  entirely,  as  in  new  ship construction  or  overhauls  in  a  civilian  shipyard.  They also  may  work  in  conjunction  with  naval  personnel  in naval shipyards, IMAs, SIMAs, and SRFs. An officer in charge  heads  the  Office  of  the  Supervisor  of Shipbuilding.  This  officer  has  many  of  the  same oversight  responsibilities  as  a  shipyard  commander  in  a naval  shipyard.  SUPSHIP  is  responsible  for  the following  tasks  and  functions: . Administer Department of the Navy and other Department   of   Defense   shipbuilding,   design, conversion,  and  facility  contracts  at  private  shipyards. .  Procure  and  administer  overhauls,  repairs, alterations, activations, and inactivations on naval ships under  master  contracts  with  private  shipyards. . Provide contract administration services for all DOD contracts awarded to plants according to the plant cognizance  program. .   Carry   out   mobilization   logistic   planning functions, which include responsibility to (1) perform planning assigned in the NAVSEA Logistic Support Plan (LSP), and prepare and maintain a subsidiary mobilization logistic support plan; (2) do Industrial Mobilization  production  Planning  (IMPP);  (3)  serve  as Armed   Services   Procurement   Planning   Officer (ASPPO); and (4) maintain the Register of Planned Emergency  Procedures  (RPEP)  for  assigned  facilities. .  Supervise  the  installation  of  ordnance  equipment on merchant ships at private yards. .  Carry  out  NAVSEA’s  marine  salvage  duties within the naval district. . Provide technical guidance in the matters in this list to all naval activities in the assigned naval district, to  the  area  coordinator,  and  to  the  Military  Sealift Command (MSC). .   Provide   administrative   support   services   to perform  other  tasks  as  directed. ORGANIZATION OF SUPSHIP Figure 9-7 shows the organization of SUPSHIP. NAVSEA   must   approve   any   deviation   from   this standard   organization.   SUPSHIP   is   the   direct representative  of  the  command(s)  for  whom  SUPSHIP is  acting  in  official  transactions  with  contractors. SUPSHIP   reviews   all   correspondence   between contractors  and  NAVSEA  and  recommends  to  NAVSEA the  proper  course  of  action.  SUPSHIP  administration ensures  proper  placement  and  administration  of  Master Contracts for Repair and Alteration of Vessels and job orders,  timely  and  economical  completion  of  overhaul and  repair  work,  conformance  of  such  work  with specification  requirements,  maintenance  of  acceptable quality  standards,  and  safe  practices. SUPSHIP  STAFF SUPSHIP  delegates  duties  and  responsibilities  to the  assistant  officer-in-charge.  In  districts  where SUPSHIP is the commander of a naval shipyard or the head  of  another  activity,  the  assistant  officer-in-charge, 9-14

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