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Figure 6-34.-Types of jack rafters. Figure  6-35.-Framing  of Roof Trusses gable dormer with sidewalls. A TRUSS is an engineered structural frame that is used to span distances that are too great for  single-piece  members  without  intermediate supports. Figure 6-37 shows a roof truss or rafter truss assembly. Chords and webs are connected to   one   another   by   GUSSET   PLATES—metal Figure 6-36.-Cripple jacks. plates or plywood pieces that are nailed, glued, or  bolted  in  place.  The  load  that  the  roof  must carry is the important factor to be considered in selecting the type of truss. These loads may con- sist of the roof itself, forces caused by wind, and the  weight  of  snowfall  or  ice. Some of the most common types of light wood trusses  are  shown  in  figure  6-38.  The  W-truss (fig.  6-38,  view  A)  is  perhaps  the  most  widely used. It uses four web members assembled in the 6-26

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