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SOURCES  OF  INFORMATION— GOVERNMENT There  are  various  government  publications that you may find useful as sources of reference. A  number  of  publications  issued  by  the  Naval Facilities   Engineering   Command   (NAVFACENG- COM) that will be of interest to you are listed in the  Documentation   Index,   NAVFAC   P-349 (updated   semiannually).   The   publications   are generally  classified  as  follows:  Design  Manuals (DMs);   Technical   Publications   (TPs);   Mainte- nance and Operations (MOs); and Administrative Information   (P). NAVFAC publications should be available in your   battalion   technical   library   or   in   the engineering division of the public works activity. Their  titles  are  self-explanatory  and  you  can consult the publications that contain the subject matter  in  which  you  are  interested.  Suggested publications  that  should  be  in  the  engineering section  of  the  battalion  technical  library  are  listed in  appendix  II. Some  Air  Force  Manuals  (AFMs)  and  Army Technical Manuals (TMs) have subjects that are related to the Engineering Aid rating. They may be  available  in  the  technical  library  of  the battalion; if not, they are easily ordered through the  normal  naval  supply  procurement  system. TMs  and  AFMs  of  particular  importance  to  you are  included  in  the  engineering  section  of  the battalion technical library listing in appendix II of  this  manual. To improve your ability in preparing any type of construction drawing, you should also refer to training manuals of other Occupational Field 13 ratings,  especially  those  for  the  E-4  level. Detailed standards for armed forces drawings are set forth in Military Standards, published by the  Assistant  Secretary  of  Defense  (Supply  and Logistics),  Office  of  Standardization.  Any  Navy activity  can  obtain  copies  of  these  standards  by writing   to   the   Commanding   Officer,   Naval Publications  and  Forms  Center,  5801  Tabor Avenue,   Philadelphia,   Pennsylvania   19120.   A complete  and  up-to-date  copy  of  each  of  these standards is a must to have in any drafting room library  of  the  SEABEES. SOURCES  OF  INFORMATION— COMMERCIAL To keep up to date on the current progress of new equipment and on the new materials related to   your   rating,   you   will   find   that   the   best source  of  information  is  commercial  publi- cations.  These  publications  may  be  in  the form  of  a  textbook  or  an  operation  manual  for a  particular  instrument.  The  instrument  opera- tion  manual  can  be  obtained  from  instrument manufacturers  or  dealers.  On  the  other  hand, textbooks  are  to  be  purchased.  Your  technical library  may,  however,  have  some  of  them  on hand. Every EA should strive to acquire at least a few textbooks for his personal use by purchasing them  himself,  if  feasible.  The  knowledge  and skill  you  learned  through  formal  studies  and on-the-job  training  in  the  SEABEEs  must  be supplemented  continuously  with  off-hours  studies on your own initiative. This will not only broaden your  knowledge  but  will  also  enhance  your chances  of  getting  a  high  score  in  Navy-wide professional  examinations. 16-14

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