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45.159 Figure 3-9.-Drawing a circle in ink. circles.  (See  fig.  3-9,  view  A.)  If  the  pen  is  not perpendicular  to  the  paper,  ink  will  not  flow properly.  To  draw  large  circles,  insert  the extension bar in the pen or pencil leg, as shown in figure 3-9, view B. When the extension bar is used  to  draw  large  circles,  the  process  of  using the  compass  with  only  one  hand  becomes awkward. You should use both hands, as shown in  figure  3-9,  view  B. Use of the French Curve The french curve is used to draw a smooth line through  predetermined  points.  After  the  points are plotted, a light pencil line should be sketched to  connect  the  points  in  a  smooth  flowing  line. To draw the finished line over the freehand line, match  the  various  parts  of  the  french  curve  to various  segments  of  the  freehand  curve.  Avoid abrupt changes in curvature by placing the short radius  of  the  french  curve  toward  the  short  radius portion  of  the  line  to  be  drawn.  Change  your position   around   the   drawing   board   when necessary so that you can work on the side of the french curve that is away from you. You should avoid working on the “under” side of the french curve. Place the french curve so that it intersects at least two points of the line. When drawing the line along the edge of the french curve, stop short of the last point intersected. Then move the french curve along to intersect two or three more points and make sure that the edge of the curve connects smoothly  with  the  line  already  drawn.  When using the irregular curve, you can draw a perfectly smooth  curved  line  by  plotting  enough  points  (the Figure 3-10.-Use of the french curve. 3-8

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