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17  Sheet  metal  shop 26  Welding  shop 31 Inside machine shop 38 Outside machine shop 51  Electric  shop 56 Pipe and copper shop 64  Woodworking  shop  (may  include  94  pattern shop) 67  Electronics  shop 71 Paint shop 72 Riggers and laborers shop (may include 74 sail loft) 74 Sail loft 99  Temporary  service  shop The following list shows the numbers and names of production department shops located only in certain shipyards: 23  Forge  shop 25 Gas manufacturing shop 27  Galvanizing  shop 35  Optical  shop 36  Weapons  shop 37 Electrical manufacturing shop 41  Boiler  shop 68 Boat shop 81 Foundry 94 Pattern shop The  Ship  Superintendent The ship superintendent is a position common to most repair facilities; his major role is as liaison between the ship and the repair facility. In this case, he represents the  shipyard  repair  superintendent  who,  in  turn, represents   the   production   officer.   The   ship superintendent  is  responsible  for  completion  of  all authorized  work  on  a  given  ship  while  it  is  in  the shipyard. He keeps an office on board the ship and acts as liaison between the ship and the shipyard. It is customary to assign a ship superintendent well before the ship enters the yard to give him time to prepare. Between the time he is assigned and the time the ship arrives, the ship superintendent reviews all available information on the condition of the ship and the plans for work in the shipyard. He learns who will prepare the plans and coordinates progress on any work that must be done before the ship arrives. The ship superintendent  meets  the  ship  when  it  arrives  and  makes sure  the  required  services  are  furnished  promptly.  He delivers  to  the  commanding  officer  (or  executive officer)  copies  of  orders  and  regulations  that  cover points that affect the ship and the shipyard. He also tries to hold a meeting with the ship’s department heads to review plans for the overhaul and begin coordination. The  ship  superintendent  attends  the  frequent progress  review  conferences  the  shipyard  commander holds with the commanding officer of each ship in the shipyard. He also holds frequent conferences with shop personnel,  ship  personnel,  the  cognizant  type  desk officer,  and  other  yard  personnel  to  ensure  the  timely completion of all authorized work. At least one day before the end of the overhaul, the ship superintendent holds a departure conference with the  ship’s  representatives.  They  agree  on  last-minute adjustments or corrections, sign work requests that were not  previously  signed  by  the  ship’s  representatives  as “completed,” or “completed, subject to final test.” If any work  is  found  to  be  unsatisfactory,  the  responsible officer records the reasons. This conference determines status of all authorized work including uncompleted work  that  should  be  done  during  the  ship’s  next availability.  The  ship  superintendent  reports  the  status of all job orders to the planning department, which then prepares the departure report. Work  Requests In nearly all cases, any work done in a shipyard must have  a  work  request,  OPNAV  4790-2K,  whether  the  job is  the  overhaul  of  a  single  piece  of  equipment  that requires one work request or a major SHIPALT that requires any number. You will find the procedures used to submit work requests in OPNAV instructions. Submit the work requests to the TYCOM with enough advance time to allow his review and approval and to reach the shipyard at least 60 days before the work will be done. While most work requests originate on the ship, others may come from other sources, such as an INSURV inspection  that  recommends  an  alteration. When work requests originate on the ship, the CO, XO, and department heads hold a conference to set priorities. They will use those priorities to prepare a work list that includes brief statements of the work to be 9-13

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