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45.837 Figure 3-51.-Lettering vertical lowercase letters. Lowercase  letters  should  NEVER  be  used  on drawing title blocks. Figure 3-51 shows lowercase letters along with guidelines and strokes used to form  each  letter. The crosses of  f and t are on the waist line and extend the same distance on either side of stroke 1. The horizontal stroke of e is just above midheight. The  bodies  of  a, b, g, p,  and  q are  circular  and vertical  strokes  of  these  letters  do  not  increase their  width  at  the  points  of  tangency.  The  vertical strokes of p and q terminate at the drop line. The vertical strokes of g, j, and y terminate in curves that are tangent to the drop line. INCLINED  LETTERING Inclined single-stroke Gothic lettering is also acceptable on SEABEE drawings, although it is not  recommended  for  the  beginner  and  should  not be  attempted  until  you  have  mastered  vertical lettering techniques. Inclined and vertical lettering should  never  appear  on  the  same  drawing.  The lettering style used must always be consistent. Figures  3-52  and  3-53  show  the  required formation   of   inclined   letters.   The   angle   of 45.210 Figure  3-52.-Inclined  single-stroke  Gothic. 3-34

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